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Low Inventory Alerts and Stock Position Notifications

The team is really excited to release a completely new way to manage inventory and stock notifications in your Shipwire account. This enhancement is part of our May software release and we hope that you will comment on this blog post to tell us your impressions after you get a chance to set them up and use them.

For a complete set of instructions on setting up Low Inventory Notification and Stock Level Alerts.

Shipwire inventory alerts automatically notify you when inventory levels fall below thresholds you set. Alerts can be triggered based on a minimum quantity in stock, or when your position falls below an estimated number of days on hand. Use inventory alerts to give you advance notice on when you should resupply your stock.
It is very easy to set up Inventory Stock Alerts in your Shipwire account. While the full set of instructions is at the link above, here are a few details.
  • Set up as many alerts as you want.
  • Multiple alerts per product or warehouse
  • Edit Alerts
  • Alerts are viewable in your account dashboard and in the inventory alert screens. (Stay tuned for more alert communication methods).
  • Works with inventory at your house, office or retail store if you manage inventory with Shipwire Anywhere warehouses (free).

The Shipwire Inventory Alert setup is very flexible and powerful. It allows you to setup as many (or as few) alerts as you want – including more than one per product, or alerts that span multiple products, or warehouses, depending on your specific needs.

Why use Shipwire Inventory Alerts?

Clearly you don’t want to run out of your top selling inventory. But, the question is legitimate if you are using an online store that already has a low inventory alert system.

If you are selling through multiple channels your inventory alerts should come from the system that is centrally managing your inventory. For most of our customers this is Shipwire.

  • The “master” inventory count is the warehouse count. This is especially true if you have multiple stores selling the same inventory!
  • Set up alerts that work across all your sales channels. This way if your flash sales or eBay sales inventory are not notified in your online store, you will get notified when your inventory runs low.
  • If you use multiple warehouses, you want inventory alerts by region. Most online stores can’t do that [Note, online stores can pull Shipwire inventory levels by region and warehouse. See Shipwire Inventory API]
  • Manage all your low inventory turnover alerts in one central location.
  • Alerts come up in your Shipwire account which has your other account and order notifications.

Can I use Shipwire Inventory Alerts for Inventory at my Own Locations?

Yes, Inventory alerts work with Shipwire Anywhere Locations. Shipwire Anywhere is our free inventory order management product that allows you to create your own “warehouse locations” within Shipwire. This allows your garage, office, retail store(s), storage unit or warehouse to work just like a Shipwire Warehouse.

Paired up with our enhanced inventory alerts, you can now notify yourself when the items you have in your store or garage are getting low.

The best part of this is that it is free!

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