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Fedex, USPS and UPS Shipping Cost Increases 2013 (GRI)

Fedex, USPS and UPS shipping costs are going up in 2013. GRI – General Rate Increases – from the carriers are here. Blog post with more information and a few tactics from Shipwire to help bring down costs....

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Big changes at CES: What to expect in 2013

According to some pundits, there are big changes afoot at CES. Back in 2011, Microsoft announced that the following year would be its last as keynote presenter at CES. They weren’t the only ones either; Apple, HP, Dell, and Nokia are some of the global giants not being featured at CES. But despite some of the biggest consumer tech players bowing out of the show, CES 2013 is going to be the biggest ever, with more than 3,000 companies exhibiting. So what exactly is happening to the world’s largest trade show that it’s still growing at a dizzying pace, yet losing some of the world’s largest brands? According to an...

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11 e-commerce predictions for 2013

Each year we polish our crystal ball, meditate on the audacity of Nostradamus and swing for the fences with our annual e-commerce predictions. The big trends are continuing to be social, mobile, and local, with a healthy dollop of curated commerce with a free shipping cherry on top. But there are some other big trends that we see a lot of users experiencing....

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Kickstarter rewards fulfillment: All you need to know

Have a cool Kickstarter product but unsure how you’ll manage to handle the logistics side of the business all by yourself? Prefer not to store all your inventory in your garage and drop off product at FedEx or UPS everytime you need to make a shipment? Tired of keeping track of inventory on an Excel spreadsheet or on a piece of paper? Need to ship your product globally but overwhelmed by the myriad tax and tariff laws? If you said yes to any of the above (or you know someone who might), please read on and spread the word....

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Investing in your e-commerce return policy

We’re halfway through the best e-commerce holiday shopping season ever. While we at Shipwire would love for the festivities to continue on forever, it’s time to start thinking ahead to December 26. Specifically, I’m talking about returns....

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6 steps to improve your e-commerce marketing emails

See how 6 steps can transform your e-commerce email marketing and increase conversions, sales, and return customers....

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5 lessons to learn from the LA port strike

Here are 5 important lessons to learn from the recent strike by Los Angeles and Long Beach port clerks, which shut down 10 of the 14 terminals. Nearly a third of all container-packed U.S. shipments are processed between the two ports, so this strike affected everyone from small product brands to Fortune 500s....

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