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July 22, 2014

En Afrique, nous sommes à la fois Amazon, Tmall, Alipay et Shipwire

JDN, July 22, 2014 En Afrique, faire des achats est très complexe. Prenez Lagos, la capitale du Nigeria. On n’y trouve que trois centres commerciaux pour 20 millions d’habitants. Et avec la circulation, s’y rendre peut prendre 2 heures. Le retail mettra des années à se développer au même niveau qu’en Europe. L’expérience n’est pas non plus la même : l’approvisionnement est largement insuffisant, on négocie les achats en boutique… Nous nous intéressons donc bien moins à la pénétration d’Internet et de l’e-commerce qu’à celle du retail lui-même ! Read more here.

July 09, 2014

13 DIY Crowdfunding Tools For a Successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaign

Shopify, June 24, 2014 Noah Dentzel of NOMAD has run two crowdfunding campaigns in two years on two different platforms. His first campaign, on Kickstarter, reached 322% of his funding goal. His second, on Indiegogo, reached even higher. Noah learned a lot the second time around. “It took one-tenth of the effort of our first campaign, in part because of the software that we used,” he said in an interview with Shopify. Read more here.

June 24, 2014

Ingram Micro Rebrands

CRN, June 24, 2014 Ingram Micro has rebranded with a new logo that represents its “evolution from a distribution powerhouse to the world leader in technology and supply chain services”. The corporate refresh comes after some major investments in the past year, including the acquisition of cloud aggregator SoftCom in September and e-commerce firm Shipwire in October, and the launch of its cloud marketplace in November. Ingram has made 22 acquisitions in the past decade. Read more here.

May 08, 2014

The Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment

Shopify, May 8, 2014 You control your customer’s experience for the most part. You write the ads, you approve the images, you tweak your website and you write the emails. However once your product leaves your hands to be shipped to your customer you have now handed over your brand to the hands of a stranger. Shipping can make or break your business in multiple ways. Choose the wrong shipping partner and your customers may suffer a poor experience. Don’t plan out your shipping strategy and you could end up unprofitable. Read more here.

April 30, 2014

Best Practices for eCommerce Shipping

Yahoo Small Business Advisor, April 30, 2014 When it comes to ecommerce shipping, ensuring the product actually reaches the customer is only half the challenge. Equally important is how it gets there — and choosing the right packaging is key. When it comes to packaging goods, there are three central considerations to bear in mind: minimize cost, prevent damage, and leave customers with the best possible impression of the business. Read more here.

March 17, 2014

Ingram Micro SMB 500: Cloud May Bend, but Won’t Break Distribution Model

ChannelNomics, March 17, 2014 Few new technologies come along in the channel that aren’t quickly followed with a prediction that it will sharply disrupt the traditional distributors, those middleman stalwarts of shipping who’ve been powering reseller business businesses since IT became a thing. Rarely has that gloom been so pervasive as it is now with cloud computing. As usual, pundits and analysts see a transformative technology like the cloud as a sure harbinger of doom for the disties. Despite two years of that pervasive dismissal, the distributors appear fairly health, and the best one have made significant moves to solidify their services offerings to capture the cloud opportunity. Read more here.

March 13, 2014

Sales Tax Solution for Online Merchants Gets Angel Funding

EcommerceBytes, March 13, 2014 A company that provides sales tax automation for online merchants and marketplace sellers has received $600,000 in funding from angel investors. Among those participating in the seed round are Magento cofounder and COO Roy Rubin and Facebook Vice President of Partnerships Dan Rose, as well as executives from eBay, Intuit and Shipwire. Read more here.

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