Shipwire Launches Developer Tools and Partner Program for Ecommerce Developers

Business Wire, December 11, 2007

Shipwire, Inc., the leading provider of Internet-based inventory storage and order shipping services, today announced an innovative program that offers a new opportunity for ecommerce developers to participate in the huge shipping, logistics and warehouse market. The program is targeted at ecommerce developers, Web store designers and hosting providers that want to make inventory storage and order shipping a distinguishing feature of their ecommerce service offering. For the first time, ecommerce providers have the ability to earn long term commissions while solving merchant pain points related to order shipments, returns handling and international shipping. Program details are at “The storage and shipping market is massive. Small and mid-size businesses with $100 million or less in annual revenue spend over $200 billion a year importing and shipping merchandise into the U.S. alone,” states Nate Gilmore, senior director of business development for Shipwire. “Until now, there has been no easy way for the ecommerce and website design community to participate in this lucrative and large market. Shipwire is providing a set of developer tools that enable easy integration of warehouse and order fulfillment functionality into existing shopping carts, checkout buttons, and auction sites. Both merchants and developers win. Merchants get a great business solution that addresses the headaches of storage and shipping. Developers get a toolkit to expand their applications, solve problems for their customers, and receive long-term commissions.”, a Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Preferred Partner and Store Design Firm states, “Customers have been asking us for years about outsourced order fulfillment, and now Shipwire has made it seamless and simple to partner with, integrate and market to our clients.” Shipwire Developer Tools Create New Opportunities in Shipping and Inventory Storage Market Shipwire is providing the ecommerce developer community a Web services platform, to participate in the market for outsourced order fulfillment. The platform tool kit launches after extensive testing and integration into leading shopping carts and inventory management tools, such as Stone Edge Order Manager. The tool kit includes full XML testing tools and easy-to-understand documentation, to integrate warehouse and order fulfillment features such as order submission, order tracking and real-time inventory volumes into any ecommerce application or Web store. Developers can now integrate Class A U.S. and International warehouses with one simple platform tool kit. Shipwire’s growing warehouse network includes strategically placed warehouses in Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as international warehouse locations including Toronto, Canada. International locations allow U.S. merchants to expand sales outside the United States while reducing customs headaches and high per-package international shipping charges. Shipwire is crushing the last major barrier to global commerce faced by small and growing businesses by offering a Web-based, hassle-free solution for storing and shipping merchandise. Shipwire complements other solutions that are enabling businesses of all sizes to tap the power of Internet commerce, including eBay, PayPal, and Google AdWords. With just a few clicks on, a merchant can arrange for Shipwire to store its merchandise, let buyers seamlessly place orders on the business” existing website, and then have Shipwire pack up and ship those orders directly to buyers on behalf of the merchant. Monthly fees range from a low $29.95 per month for the starter service to more customized plans to meet specific company needs. There are no contracts, no hidden fees, and businesses can cancel at any time. “Warehousing and outsourced order fulfillment was something that our customers had asked us for in the past. Partnering with Shipwire proved to be easy. They worked with us to ensure that we were integrated correctly, provided us with collateral, and made sure we could put our best foot forward,” states Cam Flanigan of, an online shopping cart provider. “More than anything though, we saw Shipwire’s solution as a good match for our product. Shipwire provides pricing up-front, and customers get a great level of service from Shipwire.” Doug Jolley, vice president of managed services at, describes why he partnered with Shipwire. “I was putting together a custom shopping cart solution for use by our hosting clients, and I realized that it would be a big plus to many of our clients to have a turn-key fulfillment capability included as an available option. I decided to become a partner and use the developer tools. Shipwire’s XML API was perfect for my new shopping cart. Shipwire made me feel comfortable that it would treat my customers to great support as they quickly responded to the few questions I had.” Partner Program Offers Ease of Use and Lucrative Payouts Participation in the Shipwire partner program and use of the developer tools is currently free and provides lucrative long-term commissions. Shipwire partners receive a portion of the handling charge for every order shipped by merchants they sign up. Shipwire offers marketing tools, drop-in website content and a certification program that includes co-marketing opportunities. Top partners can earn up to $0.30/order, which can quickly add up and result in a substantial new revenue stream for website designers and application developers. If a developer refers 100 merchants to Shipwire, who each ship 100 orders per month (just 3-4 orders a day), annual commissions from Shipwire will be $36,000—a significant and stable new revenue source for a shopping cart company or web designer. The ecommerce community has long needed a set of tools to gain access to outsourced order fulfillment, and enable merchants to easily plug into Class A U.S. and international warehouses. Getting started is simple; go to and sign up for a Partner ID. Within minutes, developers can have access to the Shipwire platform and XML toolkit, and receive a co-branded website that adds inventory storage and order fulfillment to any list of services. Shipwire, Inc. allows Web retailers to focus on growth by eliminating the hassle of inventory storage and order fulfillment. Plans start at just $29.95 a month. Shipwire is changing the game for businesses that sell merchandise online—offering a growing warehouse network, simple bundled pricing, a developer network, and Web store integration. Today, more than 30,000 online stores have Shipwire built-in. Shipwire has warehouses located strategically in Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto. Shipwire can be contacted at 1-888-SHIPWIRE or KEYWORDS: ecommerce order fulfillment, distribution center, Chicago warehouse, Los Angeles warehouse, Canadian warehouse, ecommerce affiliate, outsourced logistics, supply chain logistics, pay pal shipping, Web stores fulfillment, warehouse affiliate program, logistics affiliate program, 3PL partner program