CEVA Logistics has acquired the Shipwire business to become the world's 5th largest logistics provider.

Tracking Services

Our Tracking Update API lets you get the current status of orders submitted to Shipwire. Information available from the Tracking Update API includes:
  • The date an order shipped
  • Carrier and tracking information
  • Expected delivery date
  • Breakdown of order costs (including shipping, handling, packaging, and insurance costs)
  • Whether the order was returned and the condition in which it was returned
  • Whether the order has been manually edited since being submitted
Integrating with the Tracking Update API can drastically reduce customer service inquiries about orders.

API Endpoints





Example Request

[gist id=3373912 file=shipwire-tracking-request-example.xml]

Example Response

[gist id=3373912 file=shipwire-tracking-response-example.xml]

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