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Celery offers an easy way to accept credit or debit cards and charge them when you’re ready, so that you can generate and collect pre-orders for your product or service before it ships. Celery also provides order management, automatic email notification, and other seller tools.

Connection Information
Who developed integration: Celery
Support Contact: Website
Status: Public beta
Integrated APIs
Order Entry
Shipping Rates



Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your Celery account via our Order Entry API. Once Shipwire receives the order, we take care of the rest.

Order Tracking – All tracking information related to completed shipments is pushed automatically, including tracking information.

Public Beta

Celery has written an integration to Shipwire’s API and has released a public beta. Clients are actively using this. If you would like to try this out, see this article on Celery’s website.

Additional Information and Troubleshooting Tips

We have additional information and troubleshooting tips that apply to shopping cart software in general. Please visit our Cart Troubleshooting Guide.

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