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Fortune3 allows you to build and manage your ecommerce website as well as host your online shopping cart with easy-to-use software that aims to help grow businesses. An open API also enables designers to take advantage of its flexibility. The Fortune3 ecommerce solution is now compatible with Shipwire.

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For most up-to-date documentation, see the Fortune3 connection page page. NOTE: Fortune3 utilizes the Shipwire API, so activating the shopping cart within the Shipwire dashboard is not necessary.

  1. Log into the Fortune3 Administration site and navigate to Setup -> API Integrations -> Order Management/Fulfillment -> Shipwire
  2. Enter your Shipwire account email and password (NOTE: Shipwire recommends setting up new API user for each 3rd party system that you connect to, this allows you to shut down your connection easily) and select your preferred shipping methods
  3. Select update Shipwire fulfillment settings
  4. Click on the “Download Shipwire Product Feed” link and save the file to your computer.
  5. Login to your Shipwire account and access the Shipwire Dashboard
  6. Click on “Store” link on the left menu and select “Upload Spreadsheet”
  7. Select the Excel Shopping Cart Template and follow the instructions on the Shipwire Dashboard
  8. Once your products have been imported you are all set. In My Account → Dashboard you can see all notifications about orders in your shopping cart. Please remember to re-generate your Shipwire product feed and re-import your products into Shipwire any time you make a change to your products or add new products.
  9. Check and verify that your products are properly inserted with SKUs that match your cart SKUs
  10. You can always add more products, either one by one, or from additional .csv files



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