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IMPORTANT — Google reports that on November 20th, 2013, it will shut down Google Checkout. If you’re a Checkout user, refer to this Google support article for information about removing the cart, etc. Shipwire blogged about the announcement here.

For questions about Google Checkout removal, contact Google. For questions about other cart integrations, contact us.

Google Checkout® is completely automated with Shipwire

It only takes a couple of minutes to walk through the Checkout connection wizard to completely automate fulfillment from Google Checkout to Shipwire.

  • Real-time order fulfillment from multiple Shipwire warehouses
  • Order shipping tracking information updated to your Checkout account upon order shipment

To get started, please log into your Shipwire Account. Screen shots are provided (below) to help you see what each step looks like.

Step 1: Paste API Link into Your Google Checkout Seller Account Setup

Configure Connection between Shipwire and Google Checkout by inserting the Shipwire “API callback URL” into your Checkout Account. This tells Checkout where to send your orders once they have been Charged.

Your API callback URL is: https://www.shipwire.com/exec/FulfillmentServices.GC.php

Copy and Paste that URL into your Checkout account and click “Save”.

Step 2: Add Google Checkout to your account as a “Sell” Tool

Add Checkout “Sell” Tool in your Shipwire Account. To Add, select “Google Checkout” from the List and click “Add Selling Tool”. This will add the Checkout setup wizard to your Shipwire account and create a Sub-menu idem called “Google Checkout” inside your account. Once added, the wizard will walk you through the step-by-step instructions.

Step 3: Walk through Shipwire Google Checkout Sell Tool Wizard

  1. Enter your Google Checkout Merchant ID. (This is a 15 number ID that you get from your Google Checkout account.)
  2. Enter you Google Checkout Merchant Key. (This is a 22 character ID that has upper case, lower case and other characters. You get this key from your Google Checkout account.)
  3. Confirm that you Configured Google Checkout (step 1 above)
  4. If you would like to automate order shipment from the Shipwire warehouses upon receipt of a “Charged” order from your Checkout account check the box next to “Automatic Shipment on Authorized Order Notification”
  5. If you would like Shipwire to automatically send any parcel tracking numbers back to Checkout check the box next to “Automatic Shipment Tracking Number Update.”

Step 4: Celebrate, You Now Have Automated Order Fulfillment For Your Google Checkout Account

You are done with the integration part of the set-up.

Now when you place an order with Google Checkout and “Charge” the order, this will trigger Shipwire to ship the order from the appropriate warehouse.

Once an order is shipped, Shipwire will automatically send the parcel carrier tracking number back to your Checkout Order history.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to I ensure Shipwire has my inventory so that Checkout orders can ship?

A. To Ship we need to hold some or all your inventory. Walk through the Shipwire receiving wizard and tell Shipwire when your inventory will arrive at the warehouse. Once inventory is received at the warehouse you will have “real” inventory in your account – real-time order fulfillment can begin.

Q. I clicked “Charge” in Checkout and nothing happened. What now?

A. Ensure that you have walked through the instructions above and you have inserted valid information into both Checkout and Shipwire. If there is any question please walk through the setup process steps (above) again and confirm your account settings. Many people enter the URL, Merchant ID or Merchant Key wrong. Re-enter all information.

Q. What if I am having problems setting up a Google “Buy Now” button?

A. When configuring Google Checkout, make sure that Shipwire can determine the SKU to ship.

Final Checks and Trouble Shooting

Please check that your Shipwire SKU name appears in one of the following Google Checkout fields:

  • Merchant Item ID (preferred)
  • Item Description
  • Item Name

If we cannot determine the SKU from any of these fields, we will also try to match the Google Checkout item description to one of your Shipwire product descriptions.

If we still cannot determine the SKU, your order may be held or rejected, depending on how you have configured your shipping preferences for orders with unknown products.

If your digest e-mail preference is “real time”, you will be notified about Google Checkout orders as they are placed. This is a good way to confirm your Google Checkout integration is working as expected.

Google® and Checkout® are trademarks of Google, Inc.

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