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Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores are Google approved merchant sites that demonstrate fast, reliable shipping and responsive customer service.

Google Trusted Stores is integrated with e-commerce platforms that Shipwire has real-time integrations to. If you use a shopping cart that has a connection to Google Trusted Stores, please see the Google Trusted Stores documentation available at Google or the store provider. To get Shipwire data to that shopping cart you can use the Shipwire-cart connection. Below are some examples of carts that both Shipwire and GTS integrate with:

If your cart is not integrated with Google Trusted Stores, and you want to see your Shipwire account data made available to Google Trusted stores please take 20 seconds to fill out the form provided in the link below. We will keep you up-to-date on the status of this connection.

Google Trusted Stores — Shipwire Order Fulfillment Notification List

Thank you for taking a minute to let us know your needs.

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