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Groupon Goods


Groupon Goods is a daily deals marketplace that is growing rapidly in the US. Shipwire provides order fulfillment and drop shipping services for brands and manufacturers that sell on Groupon Goods. This is a support article for those brands. NOTE: Shipwire is not affiliated with Groupon or Groupon Goods.

How it works

  1. Schedule your product sale with Groupon Goods.
  2. Sell on Groupon and upload your orders to Shipwire.
  3. Shipwire will perfectly ship all your Groupon orders with our Service Level Guarantees.

Buyers get the product faster and for less money. There are no commitments or long-term contracts to use Shipwire.


Q.Do Groupon Goods orders process in real-time?

A.Today we require orders to be manually transferred from Groupon Goods to Shipwire. This is best done via a spreadsheet of orders that can be downloaded from Groupon and quickly uploaded to Shipwire once or multiple-times during your Groupon sale. We also recommend you sign-up for on our notification list for Groupon Goods Real-time order communication, we’ll let subscribers to this list know when we launch a real-time connection.

Q.What warehouse should I ship to?

A.Groupon Goods sales are are domestic USA. If you ship to just one Shipwire facility, consider using Pennsylvania. If you want to split inventory to lower shipping costs to East and West coast buyers, consider sending goods to Los Angeles and Pennsylvania.

   Should you want to use Shipwire for global multi-channel fulfillment, your account includes instant access to Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, London and Hong Kong warehouses.

Q.How much does it cost?

A.Shipwire provides pricing online. You only pay for what you use and there are no long-term contracts or commitments.

Q.Can I ship B2B quantities to Shipwire?

A.Yes, you can ship bulk inventory to Shipwire and we can outbound ship wholesale and individual units.

Q.Is there some information I can send my warehouse team to let them know how to label and pack inventory for Shipwire?

A.Yes, please see our supplier packing and labeling instructions and our bulk shipping FAQ to understand how this works.

Q.What are the terms?

A.Shipwire standard product terms apply, you can read our terms of service

Q.Does this work for all products?

A.Shipwire can work with most consumer packaged goods; but, it never hurts to check out our Acceptible Products List.

Q.How do I report an error on an order?

A.Go to the order in your Shipwire account and walk through the “Report A Problem” flow.

Q.Can I sign-up today with the Shipwire Free Trial?

A.Yes, you can immediately get started be initiating a free trial.

Q.Is there a webinar I can watch or support resources to look at?

A.Of course, see our support resources page.

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