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Miva Merchant has been a leader in ecommerce shopping cart software for many years. Shipwire and Miva Merchant are proud to offer a Miva Merchant module that enables Shipwire fulfillment services that connect directly with Miva Merchant 5.5.

Connection Information
Who developed integration: Miva
Support Contact: Website or 1-800-608-6482
Status: No known issues
Integrated APIs
Order Entry
Shipping Rates



Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your e-commerce store automatically via our Order Entry API. Once your online store receives an order, Shipwire takes care of the rest.

Order Tracking – All tracking information related to completed shipments is pulled automatically, including expected delivery dates.

Inventory Status – You can query your inventory status globally, by region, or by warehouse. Find out when inventory will be available for products that are out of stock.

Shipping Rates – Obtain real-time shipping rates at any time during checkout. Shipwire will return the most cost-effective rates, choosing from the best warehouse, packaging, and carrier available based on your Optimizer preferences.


First, find and connect your cart within your Shipwire account, then follow the steps below to configure it.

  1. Click on the Download module link. This will download the Miva Merchant installation module to your local hard drive.
  2. Download the PDF. Open it and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Uncompress the .zip file you just downloaded. Be sure to remember the location of the saved file because you will need to upload it within the Miva Merchant application later.
  4. Login to your Miva Merchant Dashboard. Expand the Global Settings option in the left navigation bar, then click on the Add button next to the Modules selection.
  5. Click on the Upload button and locate the file you downloaded earlier.
  6. Choose the shipwire.mvc file and click upload. Click Add to complete the upload.
  7. Now you must activate the Module in the Utilities menu. Select Utlities in the left navigation menu and check the box next to the Shipwire Integration option, then hit Update. Once the module is activated, several new tabs will show up in many of your menus. These tabs will be called Shipwire and will allow you to adjust and modify your settings.
  8. Once you have activated the Module, click on the Shipwire tab and enter your Shipwire login information.
  9. The last step for getting started is to enable Shipwire in the Order Fulfillment Settings. Click on this menu option in the left navigation bar. Next, check the Shipwire Integration box and hit update. Once you have done this, a new tab will be available where you can update your order and shipping information.
  10. Update Inventory and Shipping information
  11. This completes the installation. You can now set up your Product SKU in Miva Merchant. These need match exactly the SKUs in your Shipwire account. To do this, edit the products you have shipped to Shipwire, and select the Shipwire SKU tab. This is where you need to enter the SKU you have provided the Shipwire warehouses with.
  12. Create a test order on Miva Merchant. Upon checkout the order should be in your Shipwire account.



Q. How can I fulfill some items from my warehouse, and some from Shipwire?

A. The best way to handle this is with Shipwire Anywhere. With Shipwire Anywhere, you can load the details about your own warehouse (location, inventory, package sizes available, etc) into Shipwire, so we are able to route orders to your own warehouse instead of Shipwire warehouses, based on logic you determine. You will then be able to fulfill orders out of your own warehouse using the Shipwire interface, including printing shipping labels. See our Shipwire Anywhere page for more details.



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