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OpenCart is available for Shipwire using a third party module for OpenCart. This is a ready-to-use integration that can be set up quickly to work with your OpenCart store. It is provided and supported by Clear Thinking, a leading developer of OpenCart web extensions.


Integrated APIs
Order Entry
Shipping Rates


Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your e-commerce store automatically via our Order Entry API. Once your online store receives an order, Shipwire takes care of the rest.

Order Tracking – All tracking information related to completed shipments is pulled automatically, including expected delivery dates.

Inventory Status – You can query your inventory status globally, by region, or by warehouse. Find out when inventory will be available for products that are out of stock.

Shipping Rates – Obtain real-time shipping rates at any time during checkout. Shipwire will return the most cost-effective rates, choosing from the best warehouse, packaging, and carrier available based on your Optimizer preferences.


You can install this module in OpenCart in seconds using the included vQmod file.

  1. Go to the OpenCart Shipwire integration download page.

  2. Specify the Installation Domain(s) for the integration.

  3. Purchase the license.

  4. Use the included vQmod file to install the integration in OpenCart.

  5. Run a test to ensure everything works correctly.




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