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RecurHub (Beta)

Shipwire works with RecurHub‘s Shopping Cart Software.

As orders are received from RecurHub you can send them to Shipwire warehouses for order packaging and shipping.

The following instructions will assist you in connecting RecurHub and Shipwire.

Step 1: In the RecurHub admin panel under Settings > Shipwire, enter your Shipwire username and password.

Step 2: If you have not already created your Shipwire product, create it in the Shipwire admin panel and keep note of the product SKU.

Step 3: In the RecurHub admin panel, create/edit a product and enter all of the recurring details.

Under the checkout details check require name and require address.
Under the Shipwire SKU box enter the SKU of your product on Shipwire.

Done! A fulfillment order will now be created in Shipwire every time a customer is charged for a RecurHub product that has a Shipwire SKU associated with it.

Shipwire integration instructions on RecurHub.com

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