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ShipHero is a powerful warehouse management and shipping solution in an easy-to-use and affordable SaaS package. The system runs on iPads and iPods for mobility, flexibility and accuracy. With this integration, you can handle shipping some orders from your own warehouse, and send the rest to Shipwire for fulfillment from one or more of our global warehouses.

Connection Information
Who developed integration: ShipHero
Support Contact: Website
Status: No known issues
Integrated APIs
Order Entry
Shipping Rates



Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from ShipHero via our Order Entry API.

Order Tracking – All tracking information related to completed shipments is pulled automatically by ShipHero.

Inventory Status – You can query your inventory status globally, by region, or by warehouse. Find out when inventory will be available for products that are out of stock.

Shipping Rates – Obtain real-time shipping rates from within the ShipHero application. Shipwire will return the most cost-effective rates, choosing from the best warehouse, packaging, and carrier available based on your Optimizer preferences.

More Information

For more details, please visit ShipHero.com.

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