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Shopify (Legacy)

Shopify is a hosted ecommerce platform in use by over 100,000 merchants. This page covers information about the integration built by Shopify and available within their control panel.

Important note for merchants who were using the built-in Shopify integration
We released a new App in the Shopify App Store on July 21, 2014. This new App replaces the built-in integration that Shopify built several years ago and will allow us to better support our mutual clients as well as release new features and make improvements to the integration. We had a several year campaign to encourage merchants using the legacy integration to move to the Shipwire App. Shopify decided to disable the legacy migration on August 2, 2016, and this had been communicated to impacted merchants by email, Shipwire Alert, and Shopify admin panel home card, months in advance. If you were using the legacy connection and did not migrate before August 2nd, please install the Shipwire App following the instructions here. At the time the legacy connection was disabled, your Shopify products were switched to “manual” fulfillment, so any orders received would have been “manual”, and you will need to export these from Shopify and import into Shipwire manually.


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