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SmithCart is a leading shopping cart module for DotNetNuke. The Shipwire integration was released in SmithCart version 4.98.

Integrated APIs
Order Entry
Shipping Rates



Inventory Status – You can query your inventory status globally, by region, or by warehouse. Find out when inventory will be available for products that are out of stock.

Shipping Rates – Obtain real-time shipping rates at any time during checkout. Shipwire will return the most cost-effective rates, choosing from the best warehouse, packaging, and carrier available based on your Optimizer preferences.


NOTE: Since SmithCart uses the Shipwire API, there is no need to configure anything on the Shipwire side.

Follow these instructions to add the Shipwire module to your SmithCart store.

  1. Create a Shipwire account. You will need to remember your Shipwire login information (email address and password) to connect the SmithCart and Shipwire modules.
  2. Enter you Shipwire account information in SmithCart. Navigate to the page in your portal with the SmithCart BuyNow module and click Manage Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Shipping and Handling Setup section and select the Shipping Calculator.
  4. Select Shipwire from the Shipping Carrier dropdown list.
  5. Enter your Shipwire credentials: User ID and Password
  6. From the Ship Methods list, select the ship methods you want to offer. Click save.

In order to successfully set up Shipwire to work with SmithCart, your products must share the same SKU information on both sides. For example, if you created a product in SmithCart with a SKU 123ABC, you need to have the same SKU in your Shipwire account.

Note: SKU names may consist of letters, numbers and/or dashes, but no spaces.

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