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Monsoon Commerce Stone Edge order management software sends orders to Shipwire and Shipwire returns tracking numbers and inventory status to Monsoon Stone Edge. Some carts have yet to integrate to Shipwire, and if you are considering a cart that is not yet integrated, you may be able to use Monsoon Stone Edge as a bridge. Using Monsoon Stone Edge with Shipwire is easy, both systems are already integrated and StoneEdge is constantly updating their cart compatibility.

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  1. Within the Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager, navigate to Maintenance Menu, Shipping, Fulfillment tab, Fulfillment Centers.
  2. Create a new Fulfillment Center. The Code for the new center must be “ShipWire” (without the quotes). Also create a Name for the fulfillment center (can be anything). Do not fill in or select any other options (Export to Text File, Send Email, etc.).
  3. To configure an individual item for fulfillment by Shipwire, edit the item and select the new fulfillment center from the drop-down list.
  4. To configure all of the products in an Inventory Category for fulfillment by Shipwire, navigate to Maintenance Menu, Maintenance tab, List Maintenance. Select the list called Inventory Categories. Enter the name of the category and select the new fulfillment center from the drop-down list, then click Save.
  5. To configure Monsoon Stone Edge to send all orders via Shipwire, set the system parameter Default Fulfillment Center (in the Shipping parameter group) to the new fulfillment center. You can opt-out individual items by selecting a different fulfillment center for those items, or by selecting the Don’t Do Fulfillment option for the particular items.

When an order is Approved (manually or automatically), if any of the items from the order have been assigned for fulfillment by Shipwire, the Order Manager will transmit the order directly to Shipwire. This feature is available in the Monsoon Stone Edge version 5.917 and higher.

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