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UltraCart has integrated to Shipwire and supports our order notification API. This means that you can sell with UltraCart and configure UltraCart to automatically send your Shipwire account all order details for automated fulfillment of your UltraCart orders.

Complete instructions to set up Shipwire with UltraCart are found within UltraCart’s help files.

Shipwire can be found within your UltraCart user interface under Main Menu -> Configuration -> Shipping -> [edit].

You should be able to type in your Shipwire user name and password to establish a connection. Please test the connection with a number of test orders.

Tracking number syncing

To enable the syncing of tracking numbers with UltraCart, you must first enable bidirectional transmission.

In order to do so, go to the Shipwire plugin configuration in your UltraCart administrative dashboard. In the Transmission Mechanism section, find the drop down menu named Bidirectional and select Yes.

This will enable the syncing of tracking numbers between Shipwire and UltraCart.


This integration is in a public beta.

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