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X-Cart Gold (Lite Commerce)


Shipwire provides a free module to connect X-Cart Gold 4.1.9.

NOTE: Due to lack of demand, Shipwire has eliminated support for X-Cart. This page contains the configuration instructions from October, 2011.


Order Entry – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your e-commerce store automatically via our Order Entry API. Once your online store receives an order, Shipwire takes care of the rest.


A few things to note as you get started:
Your product SKU IDs in Shipwire should match the SKU field in X-cart for any products you want Shipwire to to fulfill.

There are three options for triggering Shipwire fulfillment from X-cart

  1. (Recommended) Fulfill automatically after checkout, Admin triggered – Admin can trigger the fulfillment notice to Shipwire by clicking Shipwire Fulfillment on the admin orders list page. You can fulfill multiple orders at a time by checking the box in front of order list item. NOTE: Only Queued, Processed, or Backordered orders can be fulfilled. After being fulfilled, the order status will be changed to Completed
  2. Fulfill automatically after checkout – Order fulfillment notice will be automatically sent to Shipwire at the end of shopping checkout process. (NOTE: This is not recommended, but if admin sets this option, after fulfillment, status will not change).
  3. Disable – Shipwire will not be notified of orders.

The Shipwire API’s XML response will be logged to a log file and in admin dashboard fulfillment status will be displayed.


First, find and connect your cart within your Shipwire account, then follow the steps below to configure it.

  1. Once you’ve added X-cart as a Sell tool, you’ll find configuration instructions within the module.
  2. Install the X-cart module from Shipwire into your X-cart folders. The module includes a set of read-me instructions for you to follow. Included is a list of files that you will need to overwrite in X-cart.
  3. Setup the X-cart database by logging into your store admin screen and going to the setup_shipwire_db.php page. Run through the Shipwire module configuration (see detailed instructions in the module’s read-me instructions file).
  4. Confirm the Shipwire connection and insert the secret key generated by your X-cart module. Ensure your SKUs in Shipwire match your SKUs in X-cart. Product information required in Shipwire and corresponding values in X-cart include:

    SKU name – (IMPORTANT) In your X-cart product, SKU field should be specified as SKU name
    Description – “Product name” field in X-CART
    Packing Type – You can specify either “Lick ‘n Stick®” or “Pick and Pack”
    Dimensions – Product length, width, and height are needed for shipping fee calculations
    Weight – “Products Shipping Weight” field in X-cart
    Declared Value – “Price” field in X-cart

  5. Test a few orders.
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