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Zoovy’s success based e-commerce is Shipwire compatible.

For most up-to-date documentation please see Zoovy Order fulfillment page.

You must have the Supply Chain (SC) bundle added to your account in order to use this integration. Feel free to set up an appointment with an Implementation Specialist. They will be very happy to help you get this integrated.

  • Log into Zoovy.com and go to the Utilities Tab.
  • Click on Supply Chain Management.
  • Click on Add a New Supplier.E
  • Enter supplier code (SHPWIR would be a good code, but whatever you like will work).
  • Markup should be BASE*1.0, profile=DEFAULT
  • Enter the Supplier Information (all except website are required).
  • Ordering method: Select Fulfillment
  • Data Integration Type: SHIPWIRE Fulfillment.
  • Click SAVE.
  • On the next page, enter your SHIPWIRE username and password. Save.
  • Add your products, either one by one, or uploading a file. They can also be associated via CSV – ask your trainer for more help with this if you are uncertain how to associate products via CSV.
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