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2 things B2B Marketers can learn from B2C Marketers

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As a B2B marketer, I have always been quick to defend my guild whenever I hear that our cousins, B2C marketers, are faster at adopting technologies, more “social,” and generally have a tougher job than we B2B’ers do. I’d counter with “well, B2B marketers serve a more mature audience so naturally the channels will be different” or I’d point out that social adoption isn’t widespread at the enterprise level. While this may be true, I have to admit that there are two things we B2B marketers can learn from B2C marketers.

Dynamic Targeted Messaging

The average corporate email account receives 100 emails a day and that number is climbing. Regardless of what you do to organize your emails, whether it’s using labels or foldering, you inevitably will be dumping the ones that don’t immediately have to do with the projects you’re working on into a low priority queue. And chances are, you’re not going to read most of the emails that get dumped into this queue.

So how do you stand out as a marketer? Sure, you can A/B test the heck out of your subject lines. You can even spend a pretty penny on making sure your headers stand out and are different for every email. But if the content is not relevant, your recipient is not going be interested in it.

To get your readers attention and make sure your emails don’t go straight to the trash can (or even worse, unsubscribed from), you need to make the content dynamic and applicable to the recipient. How do you do this? One way is to set up triggers to send relevant content whenever one of your cookied known leads visit a page. For example, you can send an email to someone who has recently been on your FAQs page and ask them if they’d like help from a “real” person.

Dynamic messaging is something B2C marketers do very well that we B2B marketers need to learn how to do. We need to message everyone from a company differently – a recipient is no longer impressed that your marketing system actually knows their company name in this day and age.

The “Fun Factor”

Just because someone is checking his or her work email doesn’t mean all the fun goes out the window. With all the vanilla email subject lines you’re likely to get at work, your brain automatically looks for something different, subject lines that don’t use words from a pool of seemingly 200 words/phrases that corporate-types banish themselves to. B2B marketers need to have the “Fun Factor.”

How do you get the fun factor? The answer is simple: Don’t limit yourself.

Don’t limit the mediums you convey your message. You don’t get all your information daily from just reading text, so why should you only market that way? Explore new ways to communicate like video, infographics, and podcasts.

Don’t limit the way you convey your message either. Instead of talking to everyone in your audience like they’re the principal of the elementary school you attended, communicate like you’re talking to a good friend. The messaging will sound much more natural, and your reader will find it very refreshing (and maybe even comforting) to read something with color. If it sounds like robots made your marketing, then you need to be doing something different. B2B marketers need to put their own stamp on their marketing messaging.

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