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3dcart Shipping and Fulfillment

3dCart is one of the top hosted e-commerce shopping carts available in the U.S. today.

Shipwire is very excited to report the availability of a Shipwire connection to 3dcart.   The 3dcart development team has integrated all four of the Shipwire API’s.

Reports from the developers that integrated it were that the Shipwire API’s were very easy to integrate and extremely well documented. That is music to our ears and we thank all the developers and merchants that have helped us in the past to make our development resources stable and easy to use.

If you are a 3dcart user here are some of the benefits you can get using the Shipwire module:

  • Outsource your shipping to warehouses in the U.S., Canada and Europe!
  • Free Order Management & Label Printing. The 3dcart integration is fully compatible with Shipwire Anywhere, our order management service.
  • Order Automation. Close an order on 3dcart and it will auto”magically” be sent to Shipwire for pick, pack and ship.
  • Real-time inventory updates. Shipwire inventory counts will be reflected in your 3dcart store.
  • Real-time shipping rates. Use Shipwire for label print, order management or order fulfillment and get our optimized shipping rates displayed in your 3dcart store checkout.

Thank you to the 3dcart team for making this integration a reality and thank you to the merchants who requested this feature and worked with both teams.

See 3dcart order fulfillment for more information.

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