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6 Shipping promotions to try NOW!

Most of us have shopped online and not purchased something because the shipping cost was out of line. The simple fact is that shipping promotions drive conversions as they can address the main differences between online and offline — delivery cost and time to buyer gratification.

Buyers want products fast and preferably free, so if you can bring the following marketing text to the front of your website – ”˜fast and free delivery” – then you can increase conversions. What are some types of shipping and delivery promotions that will help you increase conversions, not kill your business and motivate the right types of sales?

Shipwire VP Marketing, Nate Gilmore, describes 6 shipping promotions that let you market “fast” and “free” this holiday season at in the UK.

We are not going to reprint the article here out of respect for the publication that accepted the article; but, feel free to leave comments about the article here and Nate will respond to your questions.


  • Dymark 12/20/09
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