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New Website Announced By Shipwire CEO

Damon Schecter, CEO, Shipwire

With the new year comes a time for new beginnings at Shipwire. I am pleased to introduce you to the new Shipwire website.

When I launched Shipwire in 2006, I hoped to help businesses outsource the hassles of storage and shipping so they could focus on growing sales. Now, almost 6 years later, returning from a recent visit to our Los Angeles warehouse, I’m impressed by the endless rows of product inventory and the entrepreneurial dreams they represent. That we now have 6 of these warehouses around the world is humbling. That our team keeps growing, and soon will have a 7th warehouse in Hong Kong, makes me immensely proud.

Since our initial launch in 2006, our customers and our platform have evolved. We initially launched the Shipwire platform just for entrepreneurs. We then learned that the mid-market multi-channel seller also wanted to use Shipwire. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs who got their start on Shipwire have grown into mainstream brands. We’re now seeing both entrepreneurs and larger brands automate their sales, and expand their brands overseas, via our cloud-based logistics platform. The old Shipwire website spoke primarily to younger brands, and didn’t highlight our value proposition to mid-market merchants who sought to expand globally, and across more channels. Today, that changes.

On behalf of the entire team and our Board of Directors, I would like to introduce you to the new Shipwire website, brand, and mission statement – “Enterprise Logistics for Everyone™”.

Our new team manifesto to our customers makes me particularly proud. And our new video, which explains the benefits of Shipwire to new visitors, also gives a glimpse of the future we have planned for you.

As with all massive projects, this is the first of several phases. Today we relaunch the website, but the team is already hard at work designing the next version of the Shipwire application. This will take a few months, but we’re tremendously excited about it. We hope that you share our interest in continuing our growth together.

Best Regards,

Damon Schechter
CEO & Founder
Shipwire, Inc.

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