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The Shipwire Blog/ASPDotNetStorefront Storage and Order Fulfillment

ASPDotNetStorefront Storage and Order Fulfillment

Shipwire has partnered with AspDotNetStorefront to integrate the Shipwire solution into AspDotNetStorefront (beginning in version

Thank you to the whole team over at ASPDotNetStorefront for their support. The integration supports Shipwire full API set.

  • Real-time order submission to Shipwire
  • Active inventory counts synchronized between Shipwire and ASPDotNetStorefront
  • Tracking numbers for shipped orders sent back to ASPDotNetStorefront

For more information see:

Start a Shipwire Free Trial Account and plug in your ASPDotNetStorefront shopping cart

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  • Craig 03/12/09
    We're excited that you're partnering with ASPdotnetstorefront. As AspDotNetStorefront Developers we're always glad to see new people working with ADNSF. Great news Shipwire!

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