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The Shipwire Blog/At SXSW? Come Party with Shipwire at SXSBW

At SXSW? Come Party with Shipwire at SXSBW

Shipwire is a proud member of The Small Business Web, a consortium of like minded companies with software and solutions that are easy to use, small business focused and help businesses grow and “bloom”.

We also like to have a good time. If you are going to South-By-South-West (SBSW) come to our happy hour celebration/networking event cleverly named…”SXSBW” (“South-By-Small-Business-Web”). In is on Saturday March 13th from 4-7pm in Austin at PureVolume House, go here from the invite and RSVP.

It’s going to be a great event, with special music guest and it will be an amazing opportunity to network, learn and grow your business…or at least have a few beers with some fun people.

See you in Austin!!!

More info about the Small Business Web and how it can help your business:

What is The Small Business Web?

The Small Business Web is an open collective of businesses who have come together under one idea: To connect Web applications to help small businesses bloom and grow. The Web applications the SBWeb offers all have open APIs, which allow them to integrate with each other to form a customizable network of solutions for the small business customer.

What is the benefit of working with The Small Business Web vendors?

The Small Business Web can save small business owners both time and money. Working with multiple apps from the SBWeb allows for a more efficient workflow, with data being shared between one or more Web applications. And, by joining the SBWeb, companies have demonstrated that they are committed to providing excellent service to their customers.

What are the costs of being a Small Business Web customer?

Through The Small Business Web you can find, choose, and pay for only the applications that suit your business needs while keeping costs low. Each solution retains its own pay structure, which usually ranges from under $100 a month to even free.

What are the types of solutions offered by The Small Business Web?

Solutions include CRM, ORDER FULFILLEMENT, email marketing, project workflow management, ecommerce, invoicing, and more. The SBWeb vendors provide dozens of solutions that meet the needs of any business in today’s business world.

Who should become a customer?

Those seeking affordable, approachable solutions to meet the needs of their small business.

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