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The Shipwire Blog/Webinar: Expanding Your Brand into Australia

Webinar: Expanding Your Brand into Australia

We are proud to announce that the Shipwire Australia fulfillment center is now open for business! A recording of our August 2014 webinar, Expanding Your Brand into Australia, is available above (start at the 45 second mark).

For the latest information about Shipwire Australia and to access all Australia-related content, bookmark this page. In addition to other useful resources, there you’ll find an import guide that may be of particular help to international merchants. Other frequently asked questions are addressed below and we invite you to leave any unanswered questions in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

Webinar topics

  • Why the Australian e-commerce market is important
  • Making the best use of fulfillment center advanced capabilities
  • The biggest hurdles for e-commerce merchants importing to Australia
  • How to get your products into the fulfillment center and how Shipwire can help


For more tips and information on the Australian market, download our free guide: E-commerce in Australia.

Australia FAQs

  1. Is the cost displayed on the shipping page the total cost?
    Yes. The total cost includes shipping, packaging, insurance, and any expanded carrier fees. You will also see a separate handling fee, which covers the cost of picking.
  2. Do we pay for storage space at the fulfillment center?
    Yes. See here for details.
  3. How can I estimate shipping costs, and what options are available in terms of carriers and service levels (shipping speeds)?
    All available carriers, services, and related prices appear within your Shipwire account, in the shipping quote section mentioned in the webinar. If you do not see the option you are looking for, it is not offered at this time.
  4. What fees are associated with moving product from one fulfillment center to another, or with recalling inventory from a Shipwire fulfillment center?
    The best way to move many items at once, no matter where the location, is to ship in bulk. See here for details. If you wish to recall items from a fulfillment center, shipping fees still apply.

  5. Does Australia have pick/pack services?
  6. Can you recommend freight forwarders?
    A number of our customers have worked successfully with DB Schenker and Pactrans.
  7. What should I know about taxes?
    See here for general information on import taxes in Australia. We do not have partnerships with tax consultants. However, Shipwire customers have successfully worked with the following companies for help setting up Tax IDs:


  9. Does Shipwire help merchants sell product?
    No. However, we are dedicated to enabling your brand to shine. See here for information about customizing product delivery.
  10. How does the pound to kilo weight conversion work when calculating shipping costs?
    Within Shipwire accounts, merchants enter product weight in pounds. When a shipping rate is being calculated, Shipwire converts weight from pounds to kilos and measures shipping costs based on kilos. The shipping cost is displayed in USD.
  11. Is it possible for me to direct orders to specific fulfillment centers?
    Yes. Within your account, navigate to Account Setup then select Shipping Options to customize settings.
  12. I am from Australia. Will my Shipwire account display Australian or US currency?
    It will display US currency.

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  • lauren 08/26/14
    Yes, a recorded version has just been added. Please see above!
  • Lauren: It is possible to see the webinar? I know your last date was August 21, 2014

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