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Behind the scenes at Fox Business

Damon Schechter @ Fox Broadcast Studios in NYC

Shipwire has been getting some opportunities to do TV and print interviews since we started our “Increase Exports Initiative” that we launched following the Obama State of the Union call to increase exports and help small businesses.

One of the really cool opportunities was to do a live interview at Fox in New York City. The interview has already been released and you can find it here.

For our blog readers, here is a snapshot of Damon about to go on stage and the Fox backdrop behind him.

It’s amazing how much goes into 3-5 minutes of TV News. These guys and girls are so professional that you definitely move through a well oiled machine; but, here is a bit of how the Shipwire story ended up on Fox.

First, story needs to be found and outlined. In this case, we contacted Fox with details of our export report and some interesting customer examples. The Fox team was interested so there was a number of back and forth e-mails while they outlined what we were capable of speaking about. I won’t go into that here as you can read it at the export link above.

Once the conversation was understood the Fox production team got senior member buy off and we were off to the races. Shipwire marketing worked with Fox to understand what part of the story they thought would be relevant for their audience, to conduct fact checking and make sure we had images and customer case studies.

We timed the interview with a press road tour that Damon was scheduled to do. When he got to NYC and got into the studio he was in great hands. Damon had a blast checking out the Fox studios and getting ready for the interview. He got prettied up by the Fox make-up team and was off to the green room (rumor has it they gave him a bit more tan than he actually had… lol). At which point you wait until it’s your turn to get into the hot seat. Right before your turn you get to see the segment before you, and here is a quick iphone picture of Damon right before he got on stage. See how it all turned out here.

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