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Export Vision 2010

Feb. 4, 2010 – Photo by Pool/Getty Images North America

Shipwire is a huge proponent of small businesses in general and we have been a champion of small business global expansion since we launched as a company!

Since February of this year we’ve been a major participant in a growing trend – the U.S. government focus on growing out of this volatile economy with the help of exports and small businesses. This initiative was kicked off by President Obama in his State of the Union and the National Export Initiative.

Rather than wait for the President’s panel to come up with some recommendations for how to grow exports; Shipwire and our CEO Damon Schechter have put forth a roadmap to grow small business exports that we call “Export Vision 2010.”

“In order to answer Obama’s charge and double exports in five years, I contend that we need open markets, empowered entrepreneurs, and a platform for global growth that eliminates the hassles of overseas product sales.”

  • Learn the pitfalls of international shipping.
  • The fortune 500 model for global expansion and how Small Businesses can participate
  • Get a step-by-step roadmap to building an overseas sales engine.
  • See this roadmap applied to actual shipwire customers.

You can download the entire Export Vision 2010 White Paper. You can also download an abstract that has gotten some press coverage as well.

At the heart of our Export Vision is experience and our desire to build a platform that helps small businesses expand their global sales. To prove this point, we have also released a “Shipwire Report: SMB Export Numbers“. This gives actual export growth numbers derived from Shipwire’s international experience with our merchants. There is some great data in it, including why shipments to locations outside the U.S. has grown.

Shipwire wants to continue to add our opinion to the question of how to grow small business exports. So please check back to the blog often.

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