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Building a social following. Pay-per-fan?

Nate Gilmore, Shipwire Marketing, posted a new blog article to Practical E-commerce discussing building your Facebook fan base and twitter followers. What are the big differences between the users on both platforms and should you pay-per-fan?

The blog post discusses the value of being able to direct communicate to your fans/followers on Twitter and Facebook. However, are they listening? The blog post goes on to describe that there are no guarantees that your fans or twitter followers are actually seeing what you are saying.

Fans on Twitter and Facebook are different. Per an informal pole of marketing execs in the travel industry space. There are big differences.

Facebook is better for:

  • Creating “brand zealots”
  • Long term customer/brand engagement
  • Creating dialogue
  • Fostering communication between your users

Twitter is better for:

  • Addressing immediate customer support issues
  • Conflict resolution with your users
  • Getting the word out about time-sensitive issues
  • Creating immediate “buzz”.

Clearly, for brand building and trying to increase the number of touches you have on a potential buyer having a fan page is a great idea. But, should you direct your marketing dollars to building a fan following? It may have everything to do with your target customer and where they want to interact with your brand. Read the blog post here. What are your thoughts?

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