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The Shipwire Blog/Case study: Pacha + Recode

Case study: Pacha + Recode

Pacha_casestudy1Pacha’s founder, Ricardo Urgell, established an world-renown nightlife brand, then capitalized on it’s popularity by transforming it into a fashion brand with the help of Recode, a nightlife design and marketing agency.

The demand for products was strong, but was accompanied by the challenge of shipping from Ibiza. For five years, sales were fulfilled from the island, but warehousing and shipping were expensive and a single carrier option wasn’t enough to help the team build a global brand. They turned to us for help shipping directly from their suppliers to Shipwire warehouses in the UK and US. This meant that they could fill online orders from, as well as resupply their retailers and distributors.

“With Shipwire, we’re putting together a multi-year plan where we’re going to use them for all our global distribution,” explained Ricardo Porteus, founder and CEO of Recode. “This lets us free up time to move away from merchandise and turn the Pacha brand into a fashion line.”

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