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The Shipwire Blog/Case study: Rosenfeld experience fulfilled by Shipwire

Case study: Rosenfeld experience fulfilled by Shipwire

Rosenfeld fulfilled by Shipwire - case study

In the world of software and hardware design, User Experience (UX) is one of the hottest fields and has been a top priority for most firms due to the success of companies like Apple, which have blazed a trail of design innovation. Since the practice is a relatively new mainstay in most departments, there is a shortage of congruous training and expertise development material for employees to arm themselves with. That’s where Rosenfeld Media comes in.

Rosenfeld Media is an all-in-one shop for UX design knowledge, offering books, consulting, seminars, and courses to enrich the minds of professionals around the world. The company is based in New York but manufactures their books in Michigan.

The Challenge
Before Shipwire, order fulfillment and storage wasn’t always a breeze. Rosenfeld started off specializing in UX books but as they blossomed, they realized their logistics operations couldn’t scale, and that their single Michigan fulfillment center wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of customers around the world. The headaches also prohibited them from expanding their product lines into consulting and in-person training events. Lou Rosenfeld, founder of Rosenfeld Media, points out that “expanding so quickly into new lines of business simply would not have been possible without Shipwire’s help.”

Leveraging Shipwire’s logistics platform, Rosenfeld upgraded their fulfillment, and are now able to ship their books across the globe to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, East Asia, and Australia.

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