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The Shipwire Blog/Case Study: SOL REPUBLIC


SOLREPUBLIC_casestudy Last year, we got to work with SOL REPUBLIC on a fun challenge: launch an auction-based, direct-to-consumer channel in under 30 days, all while helping a great charitable cause.

In order to launch quickly, things had be be kept simple. SOL REPUBLIC used eBay’s sales platform and Shipwire integrates seamlessly with eBay to fulfill orders automatically as they come in. Our international warehouses made it possible to reach customers quickly and affordably, making for a successful partnership.

“It was important for us to quickly and seamlessly connect eBay’s e-commerce platform with our order fulfillment partner,” explained Mark Reynolds, Global Director of Digital at SOL REPUBLIC. “eBay gives us exposure to customers anywhere in the world, so of course the fulfillment solution has to keep up. Shipwire was an easy choice here.”

Check out what else they said about us here.


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