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The Shipwire Blog/ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2012 – Fear and Shipping in Las Vegas Part 1

ChannelAdvisor Catalyst 2012 - Fear and Shipping in Las Vegas Part 1

Channel Advisor Catalyst and Shipwire

ChannelAdvisor’s Catalyst conference is happening again at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and we at Shipwire can barely contain our excitement. We are rushing around our base in Palo Alto to Pick and Pack up our materials and polishing up our presentations.

What is Catalyst 2012?

ChannelAdvisor has held this conference annually to bring together industry leaders to discuss trends and standards in ecommerce. Panelists from companies like eBay, and Google will be presenting on various topics that pepper the ecommerce industry. Catalyst offers a unique experience to engage head to head with over 600 industry executives, analysts and decision makers to discuss trends and best practices to strengthen online commerce.

Why is Catalyst 2012 so Exciting?

ecommerce is a steadily growing field, with world wide growth projections around 19.4% (according to Goldman Sachs). China’s growing internet consumerism is also fueling interest in ecommerce. With a year over year growth of 24% in internet users, it is no surprise to ecommerce making up nearly 4% of the entire consumer market. With exciting numbers like that, it is clear to see that it is important to start investing in international order fulfillment, and that’s certainly an area Shipwire has under control.

Shipwire is very excited for this conference; we are even pledging our support by becoming an official sponsor of the event. This year should be particularly packed because the event sold out well over a month ago! If you have the opportunity come to Catalyst, be sure to visit Nate and Darwin at the Shipwire booth, and bring your logistics questions with you. We know this will be a great conference!

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