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The Shipwire Blog/Why Shipwire launched a FREE Order Management System

Why Shipwire launched a FREE Order Management System

Shipwire runs warehouses around the world. We connect to over 50 shopping carts, payment systems and marketplaces.

Over the years, we’ve had to build one of the industry’s top order routing systems. Because we are responsible for our merchant’s shipping out of our warehouses we spent a lot of time understanding how to get the right shipping rates to our merchant’s web stores. This gets complex in a hurry, when you are dealing with merchants from 30 countries, that may have inventory in up to 6 warehouses in 3 countries and shipping all over the world.   We have to consistently get the right shipping rate into the shopping cart checkout.

To make all this work we had to build one of the worlds most powerful global multi-carrier real-time shipping rate APIs that tied our order routing and warehouse inventory systems to our shopping cart partners.

Over the past few years we’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our real-time shipping rate systems.

Many people have asked to use software systems to manage orders and inventory outside of Shipwire’s warehouses, e.g. garages, small warehouses owned by merchants, retail stores or even storage units and retail kiosks.

Welcome to Shipwire Anywhere™! It’s our take on a business inventory order management system that you can use to manage inventory and order processing wherever you store inventory.

  • It’s free to use, you just pay when you print shipping labels.
  • You can manage inventory and orders and as many locations as you want.
  • It works with over 50 existing e-commerce connections.
  • Mix and match inventory at your “locations” or Shipwire warehouses
  • Manage inventory flows such as inbound supplier shipments
  • Optimize shipping rates by rate shopping carriers based on your preferences.

This isn’t new to us. We’ve been using this software for years!

One of the benefits we expect is that our e-commerce shopping cart partners will get significantly more benefit from the Shipwire integrations we’ve all invested in. No longer does a merchant have to outsource pick, pack and order shipping to Shipwire warehouses to use the Shipwire connection. We think we have uniquely solved some of the most complex issues with shipping rate optimization, global inventory synchronization and

Shipwire Anywhere™, web-based inventory order management system routes orders wherever you store inventory

We would be remiss if we didn’t show you want it looked like. Remember, you can use it by signing up for one of our full featured free trials.

Shipwire Anywhere helps you:

  • Manage non-Shipwire fulfilled products
  • Define locations and get orders in one dashboard
  • Send inventory to new locations
  • Receive orders and manage routing
  • Process and ship from your location
  • Automate customer communications

When you are ready, you can read part two of this blog post “The Web Store and the Order Management System, A Love Story


  • Nate 06/27/11 is a pretty good place to start. Alternatively just get a free trial and test drive it.
  • Andy Palmer 06/27/11
    Nate, have you any kind of detailed description of your system you can send me? Regards, Andy

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