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Complexities in American Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics

The U.S. Department of Transportation isn’t going to win any acting or set design awards with this video; but, it does really emphasis the complexities involved with the movement of goods. From Shipwire’s perspective there are a few great things in here. First, it really brings the complexities of supply chain logistics home to roost for the small business. More and more large and now small companies are reducing the inventory they carry and going to tighter and tighter “inventory on demand” timelines. There is a great part when the retail Shoe store owner walks into an overflowing “warehouse”/closet in her store and complains that she doesn’t have enough room for inventory we think “Get storage and shipping on demand.”

The stats about how fast the U.S. would buckle under its logistics needs if our infrastructure isn’t maintained are pretty interesting. Only takes a minute to check out the video. If you are a small business owner – look for reliable and knowledgeable partners to help you navigate the inbound freight, transportation and outbound shipping industry. That is why we built Shipwire. After seeing this, we are very thrilled by the investment that has been made and support more intelligent and planned investment in our infrastructure.

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