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Connect Multiple eBay Seller Accounts

Connect Multiple eBay Seller Accounts
Shipwire is launching a bunch of new features this month, yet one feature will stand out as especially useful if you are an eBay seller. Now you can connect multiple eBay seller accounts to one Shipwire account.

This allows you to unify all your eBay order fulfillment into one Shipwire account. This makes your logistics and ecommerce order fulfillment easier.

This also allows you to do some interesting things, such as working with another eBay seller and “consigning” inventory to them to sell, which you will then ship.

ebay cart connectTo get started with this feature, simply log in to your Shipwire account and access the “Sell” menu from the left navigation bar.

Then select the eBay seller tool and select “add selling tool”. Next, click the eBay sell tool in the left navigation bar.

There you can add and configure each of your seller accounts individually. Lastly, be sure to do a test of each account to be sure they are configured properly.

We are exploring this option with other carts; but, we know our eBay sellers will like this.

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