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CoreCommerce Integrates to Shipwire

Shipwire would like to welcome CoreCommerce into our integrated product family. CoreCommerce is a robust e-commerce shopping cart with lots of bells and whistles and has a very easy to navigate look and feel that is built by SumEffect, Inc. listed them as a “cart-of-the-week” a few months ago and you can see that very favorable write-up here.

Please check out our new partner and if you are a CoreCommerce user we recommend testing this integration. With Shipwire you can get access to a global warehouse network that is completely integrated with your CoreCommerce software.

For complete instructions on corecommerce shipping product order fulfillment


  • Nate 05/24/10
    Feel free to ask your question here and the web team will let me know. If you have an account you can submit a question to support (at) Shipwire (dot) com and ask for it to be routed to Nate. If your question is something others may have questions about I'll blog a response. Nate
  • Sef 05/09/10
    Nate, my name is Sef. I see you have some experience with intellectual property and business law. I want to get your opinnion on a few questino I have about my business. How could I get in touch with you personally and not on a blog?

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