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Create. Destroy. Disrupt.

Critique capitalism all you want. In the United States and especially Silicon Valley, it is a bedrock principle. Capitalism has been described as having a “creative” side and a “destructive” side; both of which need to be nurtured, appreciated and respected.

Next week is one of the premier events honoring the Silicon Valley constructive and destructive experience – TechCrunch Disrupt.   It’s a three-day, single-track conference and startup competition to immerse you in the debate about what’s changing in technology right now, what’s causing it and what we need to do about it to survive and thrive in real time.

This year’s theme is the exploration of “The Third Wave” – a phrase coined by legendary Kleiner Perkins venture capitalist John Doerr in his interview with Charlie Rose at Disrupt NYC— namely the innovations taking place with social, mobile and commerce platforms and applications.

Shipwire is pleased to have been invited to participate at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 next week to introduce our new SaaS (Software as a Service) shipping and Order Management software offering called Shipwire Anywhere. You are going to hear much more about this new software in the coming few weeks. In the meantime, if you are in SF next week you can catch a demo of Shipwire Anywhere at Disrupt. Feel free to also read the Shipwire Anywhere review from TechCrunch.

Our goal with Shipwire Anywhere was to change the game again for e-commerce shipping.  Every Shipwire account now includes features for do-it-yourself order fulfillment and a complete set of amazing order management features.  There are a number of our beta users that are already telling us that it’s as powerful as enterprise order management software costing thousands of dollars and it’s helped them grow their sales.  So, it’s a nice fit for a conference about new products and the forces of change.

Disrupt is taking place from September 27-29, at the San Francisco Design Center Concourse.

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