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Shipwire holiday season and customer care


Help us help you by following the tips listed below!

We’re getting ready for holiday season 2013 and want to share a quick update about the enhancements we’re making to provide you with great support.

First, let us be candid about Shipwire’s recent growth spurt. More and more merchants are discovering Shipwire every day, and as a result, we’re growing faster than ever before. While volume drives efficiencies in this business, hiring and training great Customer Care teammates can’t happen fast enough.

We’re bringing on a lot of new teammates right now, and due to the increase in hiring, you might experience multiple people working to resolve your case. Our training involves pairing senior team members with newer hires. So too, if a case is closed and you believe it should be reviewed by a manager or re-opened, simply reply and ask for it to be escalated to a manager for review.

Here are a few additional tips for working with Shipwire Customer Care:
1. Please create one case per issue. We don’t ever want to close an issue before it is resolved. When it happens, it’s often because the case has multiple issues associated with it; the main issue is solved and secondary ones are overlooked by accident. To avoid confusion, create a separate case for each issue.

It’s also helpful to prioritize the issues you submit (if an issue is urgent and important, label it as such). However, realize that labeling every issue as urgent and important devalues those labels and makes it impossible for us to know what to address first. Please be accurate and judicious when indicating priority levels. To check on a case, respond to the original case, or if calling, let the Customer Care Representative know which case you are calling about.

2. If you are an emerging business getting started with Shipwire, please consider redirecting your questions to our Onboarding team during the onboarding webinar. We developed the onboarding program this summer to help businesses get going with Shipwire. It involves a 3-step process (Learn, Test, and Go Live) that includes live webinars, office hours, and new training materials.

Onboarding webinars are held three times a week and the feedback has been amazing — especially in regards to us answering questions in a group environment.

3. If you send us questions through Twitter, Facebook, or another social network, please include any existing Care case numbers. Often, Twitter handles don’t match account identifiers, so sending case numbers speeds up our response time. However, it is always best to communicate directly via email or telephone regarding an issue.

4. Projects are in high-demand during the holiday season and are currently experiencing delays in responding to them. Rest assured, we will get to your project as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience. If your project is time sensitive, please make sure to let us know.

5. Our Support Center has extensive articles to help you with Shipwire-related questions. This is the fastest way to get support for an issue you are having, and it’s constantly kept up to date.

Thanks for working with us. Doing these things will help us help you faster!

We welcome your feedback
When your Care case is closed, you will be able to provide us with feedback about your experience. Case feedback is reviewed by our management team, so take please take the opportunity to let us know how we did and how we can improve. We review your feedback very closely, and you can be sure that your opinion is heard.

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