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Delivering a great buyer experience: the video

We recently had the chance to get together with a couple of top players in their respective industries to talk about building businesses, and the new global commerce themes that shape the way in which brands grow.

While at Magento’s world-class imagine eCommerce conference, we got together with LA-based explainer video production house the Buzz Lab and Rovio’s head of consumer products Niklas Kari to talk about how Angry Birds moved into retail. What came out of it is a very interesting view of what modern brands deal with in their quest for growth. Here are the most important things we learned during our conversation with Niklas:

Cohesive brand experience
If your products are great, and your site is beautiful, but you fail at the last mile with managing your shipping or returns, your customers won’t get to experience your brand the way that you mean them to. Niklas says: “It’s not only about getting the product to our fans, it’s also about the whole way the Angry Birds experience [is conveyed]. Shipping is part of the total brand experience.”

Successful companies don’t try and compete on every front, and certainly not in every function. Instead they focus on their core product or competency. For example, if a brand is known for world-class exercise videos, or neutraceuticals, chances are that it isn’t also an expert in operating a warehouse. This is why successful brands partner or outsource parts of their operation to experts, leaving them being able to focus on what they’re great at.

Modern brands need to be able to deliver this brand experience across multiple channels, in multiple marketplaces. Being able to sell online is a given, and so are flash sales in the case of some products. Social selling via Facebook, and selling on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon also have their place. But how do you fulfill all those channels without losing your head? If you take into account the need to resupply your distributors, then the modern brand clearly needs a robust and modern answer to supply chain challenges.

Expansion into new markets
There is a massive amount of growth going on in Asia-Pacific. In some cases like that of ToyFoundry, the makers and distributors of the popular Fruit Ninja toys, up to a third of new sales comes from Asia-Pac. There is a need to answer the needs of those customers, and to do it efficiently all while keeping costs down.

Picking the right partners
With the need for outsourcing fulfillment and focusing on what brands to best, it becomes important to make sure you pick the right partners. For Rovio, Niklas says that “quick integration and global support with warehouses around the world” was important. Being able to pick Shipwire made it “quite easy to make the decision; there are not many companies like that around.”

We channeled our inner Spielberg and created an awesome video to tell this story. It was shot on location at our Los Angeles facility, so you can see lots of behind-the-scenes footage while Niklas talks about how Rovio overcame some important challenges by partnering with Shipwire.

If you have trouble seeing the above video, you can watch it on YouTube.


  • dimitri 07/23/12
    Thanks Joe - we fixed it right after publishing ;)
  • The Buzz Lab 07/20/12
    Hi Dimitri, Thanks for the shout out, but we're The Buzz Lab, (not Buzz Labs). Cheers, Joe

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