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eBay Shipping and Fulfillment Acronyms

When dealing with shipping (especially international shipping) for your eBay sales, it helps to understand a few of the eBay acronyms. Shipping with eBay can be confusing enough without the alphabet soup of eBay acronyms. However, by learning a few of the acronyms, you’ll be in business for your eBay shipping in no time at all.

First, accepting bids and setting up your eBay auction, you’ll come across the following eBay acronyms: BO for Best Offer; FP for Fixed Price; BIN for Buy it Now; and FVF for Final Value Fee. Best Offer is a typical eBay auction in which the highest bid wins. Buy it Now and Fixed Price mean that the buyers can purchase your item or items at a fixed price in a non-auction format. This format is more like a storefront. Final Value is the fee that you pay to eBay upon completion of the auction or sale.

Another series of acronyms that is important to understand is in the realm of eBay sellers. DSR stands for Detailed Seller Rating, TRS stands for Top Rated Seller, VERO stands for Verified Registered Owner, and FB stands for feedback. If you know anything about eBay, then you certainly know that keeping your feedback rating high is a crucial aspect of selling.

Finally, there are some acronyms related to shipping through eBay that are worth focusing on (after all, shipping is a crucial aspect of this blog!) The most common ones you will come across are INR (Item Not Received) and UID (Unpaid Item Dispute). If you ship an item and it is not received, then you will need to provide clear and demonstrable proof that you did, in fact, ship it.

Knowing these acronyms will certainly make your eBay experience easier and more worthwhile! Shipwire provides eBay auctions drop ship order fulfillment and PayPal order fulfillment and PayPal buy now shipping.

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