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Call for ecommerce bloggers

Hey writers and bloggers! If you know a lot about ecommerce and logistics, we want to publish your work on our blog (or collaborate to coauthor a blog together). Between our partners, readers, and team, there’s a lot of knowledge to be shared, so we’d love to collect it and do just that.

Information about the following topics is especially useful. However, if you have another idea and our customers will benefit from it, we want to hear about it!

  • Shipping and international sales
  • Ecommerce growth strategies
  • Branding and Marketing


Suggestions for great content
Readers like articles that are actionable, educational, data-driven, thoughtfully organized, and that offer a unique or in-depth perspective about a given topic, so that’s the type of stuff we want to publish. Have a visual in mind? Even better. When you’re thinking of an angle, consider titles like ‘5 Shipping tips for China’ — they’re easy to organize and digest.

For more ideas, scroll through our blog and check out the things we write about. Our main priority is always to educate and inform readers about relevant topics, so shape your writing to appeal to online merchants, emerging brands, and developers.

What you’ll get
Writing for us will give you a boost of authority. We’ll share the blog over our social networks, too, so you’ll also get a bunch of exposure. Backlinks? You bet. And of course, a shared byline wherever appropriate.

If you’re interested in writing for or with us, email and we’ll chat!

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