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Commercial Invoice Handling Update

commercial Invoice UpdateOur latest update makes international shipping of B2B orders a whole lot easier.

Orders that ship across international borders require additional documentation to clear customs. One of the required documents is the commercial invoice. The commercial invoice lists the contents of the shipment, and clearly specifies the quantity and value of each item.

In certain situations, it may be necessary to override the SKU value that Shipwire uses to prepare your invoice. For example, wholesale orders. When wholesale purchase orders are processed, the retail value of each item should reflect the price your wholesaler paid, and not the full retail value as expressed in your Shipwire product catalog. This will ensure that you or your customer do not overpay for associated customs duties or tariffs.

The latest update includes account changes that will allow you to directly confirm and/or input the desired commercial invoice values on an order by order basis.

This new feature will be available on step 2 (Shipping) of the Ship from Warehouse flow under the Ship tab in your account dashboard. You now have the option to modify your invoice:

There you can manually edit the appropriate values:

You can also learn more about International Shipping and the Commercial Invoice.


  • Lauren Jow 11/12/15
    Hi David, I routed your question to our Customer Success Team and asked that they reach out to you via email. Thanks for your question.
  • David Kavanagh 11/10/15
    We offer free shipping. How do show this on the Commercial Invoice? It always pulls in the full shipping amount.

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