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Enhanced Package Insert Handling

Today Shipwire is releasing some serious new functionality for how we manage package inserts. To say that insert handling is getting a face-lift is an understatement.

An insert is something that gets put into the box with the product that is being ordered when it is shipped out of the warehouse. If you have bought anything online, you have probably experienced an insert. They can be a brochure or a piece of marketing collateral. Popular marketing collateral that are types of inserts are postcards, stickers, photos, data sheets, brochures, pamphlets and increasingly promotional CD’s and DVD’s.

As the Christmas selling season approaches we wanted to make it easier for our merchants to handle inserts, as we know how important being able to cross-market to buyers can be.

For all details on the enhanced insert features please review our documentation on package inserts.

Insert management seems pretty simple at its most basic – pick up a flyer and throw it into a box whenever you ship an order. We agree, that is simple. In reality, today’s fast pace e-commerce marketer has needs that are no longer simple and cross-promotional insert management has gotten more complex. Promotions have start and end dates. Specific products get specific promotions. Different inserts have to be used for different countries. Some shopping carts have more functionality than others. Knowing this, we built features that allow a retailer or manufacturer to actually manage inserts and marketing promotions.

Here are just a few of the preferences that can be defined per insert.

  • Include the insert in all orders.
  • Let the shopping cart tell Shipwire when to bundle an insert with the order.
  • Only insert if certain conditions are met.
  • Set up start and end times for which inserts will be active.
  • Define inserts for products over a certain value.

This gives our sellers a whole new amount of control for marketing and promotional material. As this holiday shopping season approaches we really hope these new insert and cross-promotional marketing features help you grow your business.

Here are a few screen-shots of what the new interfaces look like.

Details on Insert Management

Add Product Type "Insert"


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