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Enhanced Multi-User Account Access Roles

Our May software update has a wonderful security enhancement for Shipwire users. We have significantly updated our user access permissions system to help large accounts control their Shipwire access rights.

There are a ton of reason to set up multiple users in your Shipwire account.

  • Set up a special user for your shopping cart API calls. Set up one per connection.
  • Set up different users for people that only need temporary access to your account.
  • Make it easy to lock users out of your account if you have some employee turnover.

To make it easy we have pre-configured roles (permission sets) for each type of user.

  • Account Administrator – Your account’s “Super” user. Administrators can get to every part of your account. Administrators are the only type of user that can grant access to another user.
  • Account User – Can not create other users.
  • API User – API users can only access Shipwire via API-only communications. This type of access is useful for certain cart connections, and for custom integrations. Someone who is granted API access will not be able to login to the Shipwire interface.

Setting up a new role is easy. Go to Account Setup, and ensure that you are logged in as the Administrator. Look under the Account Access header, and click on the Add New link. You will be prompted for your account password (as above, this must be the Administrator password), and follow the steps. For User roles, you can have Shipwire send an email to the new user or we can send the Administrator the new account information directly.

As an Administrator, know that you can always limit your account access at any time, simply by deleting existing users, and/or API connections. It is also worth noting that any information that is already obscured in your interface will be obscured for User roles.

Learn more in our help center about Shipwire multi user account access.


  • This is a great new feature. Setting up an API user is a really nice security improvement.

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