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The Shipwire Blog/Carrier TrackingServices API extensions

Carrier TrackingServices API extensions

Shipwire is excited to announce a few helpful additions to our TrackingServices API.

If you have additional API requests feel free to contact us and tell us your needs.

1) Shipped date and expected delivery dates: We’ve had a few requests to add information about when orders have actually shipped, and when they can be expected to be delivered.  These are now returned as attributes “shipDate” and “expectedDeliveryDate” on the Order element.

2) Tracking links: We’ve been making direct links to tracking information available for a while in our Delight Tools, Customer Service Portal, and order confirmation pages.  These are now returned in the “href” attribute of the TrackingNumber element, when available.

3) More order cost detail: For merchants who use our insurance services or premium packaging, these costs are now broken down in “handling” and “packaging” attributes in the Order element.

4) Full carrier name: The order’s full shipping service name (e.g. “UPS Ground”) is now available in addition to the carrier short code (e.g. “UPS GD”) – you can find this name in the “shipperFullName” attribute on the Order element.

Please keep the suggestions coming!

Special thanks to Magento Developer, Ashley Schroder for some recent Shipwire requests that were picked up by our team.

As usual, we’ve made all this information available in a simple, backward-compatible format, so if you have developed a custom integration, you can upgrade at your leisure. See the updated  tracking API response DTD for more details.

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