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Stepping into Social Commerce - Selling on Facebook

Your early funding was crowd sourced by your friends, your family, and your fans.   They helped turn a Like into sale, a Tweet into a testimonial.   It’s no coincidence that they are also factors to your product’s social success.

Nowadays, going social is no longer a trend, but rather a must for growing product businesses. Social media has become a major driving force for purchase decisions and social commerce is where it’s leading.

There is even a term for it now “F-commerce”, Facebook Commerce, reflecting the reality that Facebook is the primary social network where social commerce is being undertaken.

With over a billion conversations happening on Facebook daily, you want to leverage the power of your friends and fans to gain new customers. As sales occur, you want to process them quickly and deliver an amazing customer experience. This is the crux of the Shipwire to Payvment Facebook Shipping Integration – Selling on Facebook & Delivering a world class buyer experience in the process.

What is the Shipwire and Payvment integration?

Payvment turns Facebook, the hottest social network, into a marketplace. To do this Payvment installs a store on your Facebook Fan Page and incorporates your store’s products into the Payvment Mall. The Payvment Mall lets users search for products, browse, Like and buy products. This helps sellers create intimate conversations in a cost-effective way:

  • Find new customers (search discovery)
  • Create a conversation and get buyers to share products with their social stream (Like)
  • Find and gain new fans (Like)
  • Put products in front of motivated buyers (Search discovery, Payvment Mall)
  • Get product feedback and analytical information on what is trending socially (Analysis)

As you generate sales, The Shipwire integration for your Payvment store will fully automate the post-sale fulfillment process.

By turning your Facebook Fan Page into a successful social commerce machine (for free), Payvment transforms your Facebook Fan Page into a hub of conversation. With social sharing-optimized features such as the Like, Tweet and Share buttons and the ability to incorporate your Twitter account into the storefront, you can take your social marketing to the next level.

How can I get the Payvment App for my business?

It only takes a few minutes to integrate your Facebook Fan Page with Payvment and Shipwire.

All that’s required is a Facebook Fan Page and a PayPal account.   You can start by installing the Shipwire Payvment Integration in your Shipwire account and walking through setup. Or head over to to install the app to launch your free Facebook store.

As you globalize you are covered, the Payvment social commerce platform supports up to 20 world currencies and support for multiple sales and tax regions.

What Products will sell on Facebook well?

Not all online retailers or products are going to succeed on Facebook. The Focus should be on:

  • Products that are cool, niche, unique and consumer focused.
  • Products that are part of a current trend or are trendy.
  • Products that are categorized as impulse buys.
  • Products that would benefit from social reinforcement at the point of purchase.   Word of mouth from a friend will help push a buyer from indecisive to impulse.

Here is a very well researched article from Social Commerce Today about F-commerce and “What to sell on Facebook”.   It is worth the read.

Do I have what it takes to sell on Facebook successfully?

The thing about social commerce is that there’s no set formula for success. You never know what reaction you will get from the public, but once you’ve found your niche, you will skyrocket with little effort. Take for example the recent limited edition Nike Air Mags that are selling like hotcakes. These iconic shoes fill a void in the hearts of loyal Back To The Future fans and can only be purchased through one location, at the Nike Air Mags website, one hundred and fifty pairs at a time. Did they really spend a lot of time and effort promoting the auctions? Not really. They were able to leverage their social networks and spread the news via re-tweets, link sharing and more! Their totally niche product sold itself.

Why not use your social powers to infiltrate this social marketplace? Armed with your own Facebook store, a great social following with fans who love your products, and a great idea; these sound like the making of social commerce success story.

Below are some additional rules of the road to help you maximize exposure and watch out for pitfalls.

How can I maximize social exposure for my product?

Use the right tools. Payvment has spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to make products succeed in a social marketplace. They’ve made it easier than ever to show off and display the best side of your goods by including a variety of social sharing features to maximize their exposure when you sell on Facebook.

1.     Sound off on your storefront with the latest company announcements, product developments or sales by incorporating your Wall and Twitter feed tabs.

2.     Eye-catching images are usually the make or break factor to keep a buyer’s attention. Payvment allows you to upload up to five images per product with the ability to zoom!

3.     Employ the virility of the Like, Share, and Tweet buttons to launch your products into your fans’ News Feeds.

4.     Use the Promote Button to create a wall post with a product image and your own custom message to easily drive awareness and traffic to your storefront.

5.     Grow your fan base by utilizing the Fan Discount feature and motivate prospects to Like your Page to receive a discount.

6.     Gain new buyer trust when they read the satisfied reviews and testimonials of your current fans through the Reviews/Feedback feature.

7.     You work hard to put your company’s best foot forward. Show off your great track record with the Rate the Seller tab.

What are the Top 3 social marketing best practices?

1.     Nurture Relationships
It’s more than just watching your fan numbers grow. It takes effort to build and sustain those intimate relationships and loyalty with your true blue fans. Reward your fans for being fans with things like privy information, contests or giveaways to make them feel like VIPs.

2.     Content Creation
Positioning your brand as a thought leader is every entrepreneur’s dream. It helps to establish an authentic voice that best represents your company. Share the top industry news or original content that can engage your readers is a great way to keep your fans coming back.

3.     Don’t be afraid to ask for engagement
If you’re looking to get Likes or comments on a post, all you have to do is ask. Here are some effective keywords to get your fans to engage with your brand.

3 Social Commerce pitfalls to avoid

1.     “Build it and they will come” mindset
Once you enter the social marketplace, it’s easy to think everything will just run its course. When you sell on Facebook, you have to be equally as engaged in conversation with your audience as you would in a brick-and-mortar store. Social commerce is not just an afterthought for your brand or just another page to have; its planning should be incorporated into your overall strategies as well.

2. Posting sporadically

It’s important to have a set schedule for the content you wish to share. This way your followers will know what days are for announcements, which days they can find sales specials or when to check back in for contests. Always remember the medium you are using when broadcasting your messages. Twitter is more suitable for more frequent, real-time posts, whereas Facebook requires controlled, disciplined posting. Experts recommend no more than 2 posts a day at the max on Facebook.

3. Forgetting to acknowledge your users

Little comments, whether it be a compliment or complaint, deserve some acknowledgment from you. Your fans go out of their way to write or tweet something about or to you. A little recognition for their seemingly small task goes a long way. Being proactive in getting to fires before they start or simply re-tweeting a happy testimonial about their social experience with you or your brand, helps grow the loyalty among fans. For example, if someone posts an unhappy comment, let them know they have been heard and possibly take the conversation offline. Your fans love social media because it’s their medium to speak their minds and get heard, so listen and respond.


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