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The Shipwire Blog/Feature Review – "Use Estimated Service Times"

Feature Review - "Use Estimated Service Times"

Compete with the biggest online retailers; Offer your customers overnight shipping at ground prices.

In your Shipwire account is a feature that can help you grow sales by offering lower priced shipping to buyers located closer to your Shipwire warehouses or Shipwire Anywhere warehouses.   By enabling “Use Estimated Service Times” in your Shipping Preferences, you are telling Shipwire to display ground rates instead of overnight and second day rates only for those orders to buyers so close to the “ship-from” location that the ground “delivery service time estimate” from the carrier is 1 or 2 days.

Shipwire can tell when ground shipping will reach your customers as quickly as more expensive expedited shipments, and now you and your customers can take advantage.
When you set “Use estimated service times” in your Shipping Preferences, the Shipwire Rating API will return cheaper ground methods as overnight or second day services, when our carrier information indicates that a ground shipment would arrive just as quickly as an overnight or a second day shipping method.

As an example, if you have this option enabled and want to ship an overnight order from our Los Angeles warehouse to a Los Angeles-area customer, Shipwire will save your buyer money by displaying Ground shipping methods if the carrier estimates the delivery time is 1 business day.

Turning it on is easy

Log into your Shipwire Account. Select “Account Options” from the menu and this feature is found under “Shipping Your Goods”.   Switch it from it’s default of “No” to “Yes” and save your new preference.

Once enabled Shipwire will keep an eye out for future orders where we can offer your buyers expedited delivery at ground prices.

This is especially helpful if you take advantage of Shipwire warehouses throughout the USA and Canada.

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