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Sexy shipping? Meet Foxywire!


Maybe it’s just me; but, I think it is extremely cool when a “super”empowered entrepreneur decides to fill a market gap…and has all the tools available to do it!

Bill DAlessandro had noticed that online sellers we’re flocking to a new, low-cost and extremely customizable shopping cart, Foxycart. Bill was looking for a new shopping cart and Foxycart met all his requirements. As Bill got working with Foxycart and the community he discovered that he really didn’t want to be doing his own shipping. He wanted to outsource his shipping.   Doing some research he found Shipwire, only to discover that Shipwire and Foxycart didn’t talk to one another.   The companies knew about each other and while Shipwire had an online waitlist for the Foxycart integration….who wants to wait?

Not a Problem, It’s an opportunity

According to Bill, “One of my most important criteria when choosing a fulfillment provider was a capable API that allowed as much automation as possible. Shipwire fit the bill immediately. I decided on a Monday night to explore building an integration between my FoxyCart-powered ecommerce store. By Tuesday night my basic integration was working, and by Thursday night I’d built on top of that to create FoxyWire.”

The power of solid API’s and developer tools!

Why Shipwire?

“The coolest thing about Shipwire is the built-in logic – all I have to do is send over the order, and Shipwire takes care of shipping it from the correct warehouse, as fast as possible, at the best price.” Now this logic is extended to Foxycart thanks to Foxywire.

Shipwire has a free label print service called Shipwire Anywhere™. Foxywire is completely compatible with Shipwire Anywhere, so Bill may have just created the first free online label-printing service for Foxycart.

And it is free!

Foxycart is a pretty low cost shopping cart. The core product is less than $20/month.   A Shipwire account is free and all the shipping and fulfillment charges are usage-based.

Bill didn’t want to price himself out of the market so he decided to make Foxywire free. He joined the affiliate programs for both Foxycart and Shipwire in the hopes that Foxywire users would pay for the service by signing up through his affiliate account.

We agree! Click here when you sign-up for Shipwire and Foxywire will get the credit.

Thanks Bill for making Shipwire “foxy”!!!

To see the help page with all updates and notices go to Foxycart order fulfillment

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